Allies in Action

Why This program?

On a daily basis, over 160,000 girls and young women nationwide report missing school out of fear of aggression from other girls. Girl-to-girl aggression manifests as social alienation, exclusion, and hostility such as spreading rumors, intimidating glares, “backstabbing” and physical violence. The effects of these behaviors on girls can be devastating, making school a challenging place to learn.

About The Program:

The Allies in Action program consists of sixteen, 90 minute sessions that explore relational aggression, how relational aggression impacts girls’ lives and what girls can do to resolve conflicts constructively. Conflict resolution skill-building provides assertiveness, de-escalation and mediation training helping girls to identify how to navigate conflict as individuals and as peer leaders. Each program culminates in a media project documenting girls’ experiences with the Allies in Action program.

Program Objectives

  • Engage girls as cultural healers in their communities.
  • Educate girls about the origins of relational aggression and how it impacts girls.
  • Cultivate media literacy and media creation skills in girls.
  • Teach conflict resolution techniques.