Take Action

Girls Incorporated and Girls Inc. of NW Oregon is a leading advocacy organization dedicated to extending girls’ voices, issues, and concerns to policy makers, corporations, and the media.


The Girls’ Bill of Rights serves as the foundation for all of our advocacy efforts. These rights shape our responses to the difficult social issues facing girls, and serve as a powerful platform for empowering girls.

Take action locally

  • Host a Miss Representation Workshop – Girls Inc. of NW Oregon is licensed to provide educational programming around the award-winning documentary film Miss RepresentationThe film focuses on the impact the media has on how girls look at their own leadership potential, and the lack of females in leadership positions across the public and private sectors. Please contact us to schedule a Miss Representation workshop.


Girls Incorporated Advocacy and Action Resources

  • Advocacy Statements – Nationally, Girls Incorporated has adopted  a set of Advocacy Statements that spell out our positions on a range of issues affecting the rights and needs of girls. These statements are reviewed at every biennial meeting of the Girls Inc. National Council in light of current knowledge and needs. Read the Girls Incorporated Advocacy Statements.
  • Girls’ Rights Campaign – In Spring, 2000 Girls Inc. launched a national public education campaign to help girls understand, value, and assert their basic rights, as outlined in our Girls’ Bill of Rights. Be a part of the campaign by using tools to help the girl in your life exercise her rights. Visit Girls Incorporated to learn more about the Girls’ Rights Campaign.